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Mobile Silos

Mobile (transpotable) silos are designed for use directly at sites without need of permanent foundation. Silos are filled pneumatically or mechanically, at location of the supplier of bulk materials. The filled silo can be transported by a special or standard truck and placed at the erection site.

The benefit of this type of silo is lower cost of stored materials (the ability to buy larger quantities without the need for bags), limited storage space, weather protectoin(the silos are hermetic), easy unloading using a hatch or valve. Depending on the needs,  silos volume can range from 7 to 22 m3.

Technical characteristic of mobile silos:

  • Mobile silos are equipped with support structures and supports for horizontal transportation or storage.
  • They are equipped with blow pipe for pneumatic charging, or mechanical loading through the inlet.
  • Depending on the customer needs, there can be one or two chambers (each one for a different kind of material, i.e. cement, limestone, etc).
  • No foundation is needed to raise a silo, just a firm, flat base



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