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Stationary Silos

Stationary silos are used for storing powder or granulate materials ensuring good separation from humidity and other environmental influences. Silos may also be used for storing more granular materials, such as limestone, quartz-sand, breakstone or chemicals and plastics.

A silo is loaded busket elevators or via pneumatic blow pipes, directly from tank car or from a railroad tank equipped with pneumatic transport installation.

Depending on their size, stationary silos may be build as a whole unit and transported to the erection site by a lorry, or may be delivered to the site in segments and assembled on previously prepared foundations. Depending on the local conditions and, above all, on the investor's requirements, stationary silos may be designed in various sizes, tailoring it to customers needs.

Depending on the client's requirements, stationary silos may be fitted with the following equipment:

  • dust filter
  • ladder or staircase
  • service platform
  • material level indicator
  • pressure relief valve
  • one or more chambers
  • unloading bellow
  • compressed air installation
  • fluidization the silo cone
  • pneumatic or manual outlet gate valve
  • internal relief cone in the silo cone
  • Supporting rack and superstructure on the silo roof


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